Reset: 10 Themes Driving Brands & Business into the Next Decade

For many, 2019 has been in limbo.

There have been organisation shake-ups, projects stalling and brands standing up for what they believe in, but not a lot of forward motion.

In an environment of political instability and tightening of lending, we’ve experienced low consumer confidence and declining attitude to spending, low business confidence and declining media spending.

However there have been some significant milestones this year wrapping up this decade and forming a veritable platform for the next one.

Let’s take this chance to reset, take a deep breath to capture the key themes and set the brand wheels in motion for the years to come.


Ten Themes for 2020 and Beyond

  1. Creating Long-Term Value for All Stakeholders
  2. Purpose, Delivering Promises and Trust
  3. Employer Brand and Employee Experience
  4. Brand Alignment, Culture and Ecosystems
  5. Return to Investment in Long-Term Brand-Building
  6. Balancing Tech and Human Experiences
  7. Data Security, Privacy and Control
  8. Ethics in Marketing
  9. Seeking Competitive Advantage through Data and Innovation
  10. Wellbeing


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