How are aligned are your people, brands and business?

We believe that aligning people, brands and business achieves healthier results. So we have designed a Brand Alignment Workshop to identify the key barriers and bridges to unlocking the value of your people and brands.

There are five key moments in time when it would be beneficial to run a Brand Alignment Workshop:

  • When you’re thinking about a brand revitalisation but have not yet kicked off the process or written the brief. This is ideal to inform the brief.
  • When you’re about to start brand planning for the next period (annual or 3-year) and want to identify where you focus your resources to maximise your investment.
  • Soon after a brand launch or revitalisation when you come up for air and want to identify where the launch/revitalisation is tracking well and where it could use some extra attention to maximise its effectiveness across the organisation.
  • Post brand repositioning and prior to brand launch/revitalisation to identify where you focus you resources to maximise your impact.
  • When business results are struggling and/or research findings such as brand tracking, corporate brand reputation, customer experience and employee experience are not adding up.

Below are our brand point of view and proposition to set the context, and an outline of what the workshop entails. The workshop design is tailored to your specific business, brand and audience needs.


Our point of view and proposition

People and brands are your company’s most valuable assets.

Yet in many organisations their value is not realised due to lack of alignment between:

  • The company’s and people’s purpose and values;
  • Business, brand and employer brand strategies;
  • Operational silos; and
  • The promise the company is making to its employees, customers and stakeholders through its communications and their actual experiences.


We unlock value by engaging, aligning and activating people around a distinctive, meaningful purpose, values and idea, building aligned business, brand and employer brand strategies, and integrating all communications and experiences. Ensuring your brand connects with and consistently delivers against its promise to your customers, employees and stakeholders.

We align objectives, strategies and activities, informed and inspired by primary, secondary and tertiary quantitative and qualitative research and data. Linking brand to business strategy and the bottom line to raise brand value and drive business results.

We apply over 25 years’ experience to your business challenge, sharing our energy and insight to help you build, change and grow.


Brand Alignment Workshop Outline

Below are the workshop inclusions. The workshop design will be finalised based on your individual business needs.


  • We’ll send you a 12 Question Survey to complete and share with us information that demonstrates your challenges and opportunities, such as:
    • Business strategy, key category/competitor insights, customer segmentation/profiles, brand positioning, marketing and customer experience plan, corporate brand/reputation communications, employer brand, employee segmentation and experience, commercial results and research findings from tracking, qualitative, formal and anecdotal feedback, social listening
    • Organisation structure and brand architecture
    • Any internal hypotheses that need to be proven/disproven
    • KPIs, approvals and hurdles, budget constraints for this project
  • We’ll conduct an initial review of your response and information to check we understand the challenges and opportunities and follow up with 1.5 hour briefing session conducted face-to-face or 1-2 x Zoom conference calls
  • During this conversation, we will discuss the approach and identify whether there is the need to collect any further information prior to the workshop – either by your team or ours
  • Finalise approach including sourcing additional information, responsibilities/tasks for attendees pre-workshop and tailoring the workshop design to the business needs
  • Agree on the date, attendees and location for workshop

Pre-Workshop Inputs

  • Allocate responsibilities and tasks for attendees, giving each attendee or group of attendees (depending on numbers) responsibility to prepare for one of the four workshop questions and templates to bring to the workshop complete (Note: we can work with attendees/groups on these inputs as required)
  • Provide briefing and templates for sourcing additional information for your team (as required)
  • Complete sourcing of additional information by our team (as required)

Workshop Preparation

  • Review all information provided and add to challenges, opportunities and hypotheses
  • Develop discussion guide, presentation and stimulus for the workshop
  • Present to client face-to-face or via email and Zoom conference call, make any changes and client sign off
  • Organise the workshop location and materials

1 x 1-day Workshop or 2 x 1/2 day Workshops

  • Objectives
  • Hypotheses
  • Alignment of People, Brands & Business (4 Key Questions):
    • How aligned are the business, brand and employer brand strategies? Where are the challenges? What are the barriers to alignment?
    • How aligned are customers, employees and stakeholders to the purpose, values and positioning of the business, brand, employer brand? Where are the challenges? What are the barriers to alignment?
    • How aligned are the operational siloes to the business and brand strategies? Where are the challenges? What are the barriers to alignment?
    • How aligned is the promise the company is making to its employees, customers and stakeholders to actual communications and experiences? Where are the challenges? What are the barriers to alignment?
  • Ideation:
    • Ideate the Bridges to overcome the Barriers
  • Prioritisation:
    • Discuss and agree on Prioritisation Criteria/Weighting
    • Identify key opportunities

Post Workshop

  • Write up workshop output
  • Add external perspective on “how aligned are your people, brands and business” and any final recommendations
  • Interactive Presentation with Client and Team


Data & Insights Lens and/or Module

Often one of the challenges holding organisations back from alignment is data & insights (too much, too little, not fit for purpose, not aligned, not accessible, not controlled, no single audience view, limited insights from data etc) and it will quickly become evident through the preparation for the Brand Alignment Workshop whether and how data & insights are helping or hindering the process.

If this is a known or suspected problem, we can add data & insights to the hypotheses and as a lens across all 4 Key Questions so the top-line challenges and barriers are isolated, whilst leaving it out of ideation as it needs dedicated time to resolve. We have a Data & Insights Strategy Module that could be added to the process as a second 1-day workshop if required.


Catering for Workshop

We believe in the power of good food to fuel greatness in our workshops, with our preferred corporate catering partner Sumo Salad. We are happy to organise corporate catering and can cater to people’s specific dietary requirements, where available. Alternatively we can provide direction for your caterers to get the best out of your team.