Take some time to think about your business and brand strategy to prepare your business, brand and marketing plans for the future.

The strength of your brand serves to attract or deter customers and employees, partners and suppliers, investors and influencers – whether you’ve defined it or not!

When you build equity in your brand, it lowers business risk, increases the opportunity to charge a higher price and adds value to your business.

10 questions to think about for your brand audit

  1. Do you have a VISION for the future?
  2. Does your PURPOSE create long-term value for all stakeholders?
  3. Are your VALUES unique to your business, aligned with employees’, customers’ and stakeholders’ values, guide your employees’ behaviours and business culture?
  4. Is your BRAND POSITIONING relevant, compelling and meaningful to your customers and unique versus competitors?
  5. Do you have a VALUE PROPOSITION that solves a problem for your customers and benefits them, making their lives better?
  6. Do you have the PROOF that you can credibly deliver against your proposition?
  7. Does your BRAND IDENTITY reflect your core business and brand strategy, how consistently is it represented across all touch-points, how well does it stand out in the cluttered marketplace and versus competitors?
  8. How well is your brand brought to life across the BRAND-CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE?
  9. EMPLOYER BRAND AND EXPERIENCE: Do your purpose, values and brand positioning also serve to attract, unify and activate employees?
  10. Are your BUSINESS, BRAND AND MARKETING PLANS designed to build equity in your brand?

Do you want to gain an objective perspective on your brand audit?

With over 25 years’ experience building brands for businesses, Rachel Bevans from The Healthy Brand Company is offering a business and brand strategy audit and coaching to prepare you for growth.

Fully online or with face-to-face components, depending on your needs.

Approach and fee structure tailored to suit your budget.

Contact Rachel on 0467 441 841 or [email protected] Alternatively provide your contact details and we’ll get back to you. Thank you!